SeriesGuide Premium 35 APK



Keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.

SeriesGuide suggests currently trending shows (powered by trakt) and is backed by the huge TV show catalog of TheTVDb.

Even access your trakt recommendations and library after connecting your account.

You also get

  • a resizable home screen widget,
  • an additional Light and Dark theme*,
  • new episode notifications*,
  • third-party extensions for episode actions,
  • shortcuts to your favorite shows*,
  • custom lists,
  • syncing with trakt,
  • JSON export

You can also create a movie watchlist and build a movie collection (syncable with trakt).

  • Track your watched episodes, keep tabs on new releases and manage your media collection.
  • Connect with trakt to check in, comment, rate and to sync between devices and media centers.
  • No sign-in required, keeps working without an internet connection.
  • DashClock extension.
  • List widget.
  • Plug in extensions or build your own:

What’s New

Version 35

  • Change show sort options: sort by title, latest or oldest next episode, last watched show or remaining number of episodes.
  • Display the remaining number of episodes right in the shows list.
  • Add separate language selector for movies, supports all languages of The Movie Database.
  • For Android 7.1: add round launcher icon, launcher shortcuts.
  • TWEAK Last watched sort order is initialized with data from recently watched episodes in Now tab.
  • TWEAK Display message if database is corrupted, advice to backup, re-install and restore.
  • FIX Display episodes released before 1970 in infinite calendar.
  • FIX Crash in list widget settings.
  • NOTE Latest translations from crowdin.


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