Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords 5.12.0 APK

ultimate guitar tabs & chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

One of the best apps of 2014. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a mobile version of the world’s largest catalog of guitar & ukulele chords, tabs and also lyrics, available even offline. Finally, learn how to play your favorite songs on acoustic, electric guitar or ukulele. Get over 800,000 tabs and free daily updates with recent hit songs! Learn how to play guitar from scratch or refresh your knowledge of the instrument with our interactive lessons.


  • Popular songs from latest releases
  • Guitar & ukulele chords, notes and also scores for more than 400,000 songs
  • Chord diagrams with fingering, so each chord features multiple variations
  • Free daily updates
  • Оffline access to favorite tabs
  • Left-handed mode
  • Quick search by type, because of difficulty, tuning and rating
  • Autoscroll 200,000 additional tabs with playback and multiple instruments
  • Accurate tuner
  • precision metronome
  • chord library with over 2 mln guitar chords
  • tab printing


ultimate guitar tabs & chords ultimate guitar tabs & chords


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