Endomondo Pro 19.3.5 APK

Endomondo Pro

• Route concept improved for featured routes

• Sport selection now also shows current sport and most used sports

Track your sport in real time and challenge your friends using the built-in GPS. Endomondo makes fitness more fun by acting as your personal trainer and social fitness partner – ideal for running, cycling, walking etc. This is the PRO version of the popular Endomondo Sports Tracker. PRO features

• Graphs: Play around with speed & altitude curves, lap times and playlists that interact with the map (NEW) • Beat yourself: Set a previous workout as your target and the audio coach will help you perform better this time • Low Power Mode: Increases battery standby time

• Time goal: Set a time goal and let the audio coach help you reach it • Calorie goal: Set a calorie goal and get live audio feedback during your workout Free features • Real time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed & calories • Audio feedback for every mile or km

• Real time peptalks from friends following you live • Workout route on a map • History with lap times • Sharing of workouts on Facebook • Beat a friend: Go against a friend’s personal best

• Support for ANT+ Bike Speed & Cadence and heart rate monitor sensors

• Headset control: Use the headset media button to get audio feedback and pause/resume a workout (wired headset & Android 2.2+)

• Manual entry of workouts

• Auto pause

• Customizable workout screen (long press to change) Optional profile at Endomondo.com for further analysis, statistics, social challenges and sharing. NOTE: We are asking for permissions to access your personal information and read contacts. We ask for this to make you able to connect with your friends, challenge them and follow them directly on your phone. We will read names and email addresses from your contacts ONLY if you actively choose to do so within the app.


endomondo pro


File size: 16.38 MB
md5: 9dc1af11d5f0de267b5836523445ce31

User's review

Endomondo app for phone doesn't sync with Endomondo app on Galaxy Watch. What's the point?Cannot use your training plan from phone app on the watch. You have to choose whether you want to use app on your watch with heart rate etc. or use app on phone with training plan but no heart rate data. But they charged me for 2 premium subscriptions. Even though was supposed to get at least 6 months premium for free when I purchased my watch.

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