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BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EX (Exclusive) is a full version of an ad-free elegant modern local Music player. First of all, it’s easy to use and one of the fastest out there. Plays standard locally stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav. Build-in Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance. Plays standard locally and cloud stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav.

BlackPlayer Exclusive Premium MP3 Music Player for Android devices.

Extra features:

– Folder view
– 6 Extra Fonts, including option to use System font.
– 11 Color accents.
– 4 Extra Themes
– White Widget theme

What’s New?

  • Added option to Customize number of bottom Navigation bar items, found in Interface Settings – > General – > More..
  • Another ‘Fast-forward’ and ‘Rewind’ as possible Extra Notification button, found in Remote settings.
  • Voice Play (Android Auto, Google Now, BlackPlayer Voice Play) now also searches for Playlists. You can speak the Playlists you want to play. Example “Play Favorites”. Only works for Custom Audio library.
  • Graphical fix with Centered Navigation titles
  • Fix Scanning could cause GUI to freeze


blackplayer ex blackplayer ex


File size: 12.93 MB
md5: 3de7342aae52979c7d4a591e29adea32

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