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BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EX (Exclusive) is a full version of an ad-free elegant modern local Music player. First of all, it’s easy to use and one of the fastest out there. Plays standard locally stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav. Build-in Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance. Plays standard locally and cloud stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav. It is just a powerful and beautiful music player with minimalistic, flat design. It is also extremely customizable: there are more than 17 accent colour options available.

BlackPlayer Exclusive Premium MP3 Music Player for Android devices. Including build in Equalizer, bass boost & 3D surround virtualizer or option to use external Equalizer.

Extra features:

– Folder view
– 6 Extra Fonts, including option to use System font.
– 11 Color accents.
– 4 Extra Themes
– White Widget theme

What’s New?

  • Testing much higher Chromecast album cover resolution, happy to hear feedback on this.
  • Added Multi Artist support, default enabled. Can be disabled in Metadata Settings.
  • Smart Artists feature
  • Minor design update to Manually Select Image view.- Added Folder multi select. Tap on the top header title ‘FOLDERS’ to activate it.
  • Shuffle & Repeat button style, ‘Fruity’. Currently missing a preview, will be added soon.
  • ‘Shuffle Play’ as a Multi Select action for all multi select pages.
  • Option to sort all Album-Artists by Most Played All Time or Month.
  • Added ‘Rewind’ as a double-tap action.
  • ‘Instant Mix’ will no longer suggest duplicates.
  • Tweaked fast-forward and rewind time.
  • New startpage to get Storage permissions.
  • Viewing Artists as List no longer downloads white star image.
  • Default Artist grid size changed to 3.
  • Tried to correct low contrast seek bar color in Now Playing page when using ‘Dominate UI’.
  • New icon for Artists.


blackplayer ex apk blackplayer ex apk


File size: 14.79 MB

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