Muviz Pro APK

muviz pro apk

Muviz Pro Navbar Music Visualizer

MUVIZ, an audio visualizer for above navigation bar or screen. It works with most music and video apps, providing different colors, styles, and other fine-tuned settings. Firstly, this is an unlocked (Pro) version of Muviz, with all visualizations and themes unlocked and without any ads. You can also build your own style, for free!

In addition, it’s a perfect music companion to add edge music lighting to your new age devices with edge to edge rounded screen.

Finally, when you start any music or video, the app will automatically start working. It looks very elegant, depending on selected style.

Pro features

  • All visualizations are unlocked,
  • No ads,
  • Themes editor is available.

What’s New?

  • Option to select music sources.
  • Enhancements, cleanups and other fixes.


muviz pro apk muviz pro apk


File size: 5.42 MB
md5: e103227055c3d02334b7add64b42c441

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