Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro 5.1.3 APK

flat style bar indicators

Flat Style Bar Indicators

With Flat Style Bar Indicators Xposed Module you are able to find an easy way to completely change look of your statusbar and also change elements of the bar.

• Requires Xposed Framework
• Works ONLY with Android 4.3.x – 6.0.x
• Supports only SAMSUNG, HTC, LG, ASUS, SONY, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI, ZTE, AndroidOne and maybe several some other known brands, any other noname devices I’m not supporting because they all have different system changes, so I haven’t time to support all devices

You will be able to:
• Change data indicator,
• Wi-Fi indicator
• battery indicator
• Carrier label style
• Change clock style
• Change position of data, also Wi-FI, battery, clock, carrier label, alarm, bluetooth, sound & location indicators left, center, right
• Finally, color of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock & carrier label indicators
• Data type mapping (for example: DC -> E, LTE -> 4G)
• Change battery tinting color separately per each level (for example: 0 – 5% -> RED, 0 – 100% during charging -> GREEN)
• Show Wi-Fi RSSI & SSID

What’s New?

ver. 5.1.3

  • fixed mobile data type mapping issue
  • attempt to fix the issue with stucked icons
  • fixed some icons tinting issue
  • added customization for ‘cast’ iconNotice: most of the fixes related to android 8.x


flat style bar indicators pro


File size: 1.48 MB
md5: f749c9f8f4c67bea8b19ed84c9a93643

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