Swift Black Substratum Theme 25.3 APK

Swift Black Substratum Theme

This theme fully supports Android 8.1 & it works without TBO Theme ready gaps! Please read the FAQ before installing.

Swift Black Substratum is a theme for the Substratum Theme engine. It comes with a big number of themed apps, great support and frequent updates.

Important notice for 7.1.1 users: The Substratum app will display a warning message about using themes on a device. You can ignore this warning when using this theme as it have full support for this version.

Themed apps

• AOSP Browser
• Calculator
• Chrome (beta, dev)
• Contacts
• Dialer
• Documents/Downloads
• Dropbox
• Email (AOSP Email)
• ES File Explorer
• Facebook
• Facebook Messenger
• Gmail
• Google Allo…
• GroupMe
• Hangouts
• Inbox
• Instagram
• JuiceSSH
• Keep
• Nova Launcher
• Omni
• Pushbullet
• Root Explorer
• Settings
• Skype
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• Tumblr
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• XDA Labs
• YouTube
…and more

What’s New?

  • Reboot after applying, and If you use rootless Oreo and March security patch or higher you need to follow the instructions in the dialog that shows when you open the theme inside Subs.
  • Updated theme for Instagram, Snapchat, Google Play Services and a bunch of other fixes!
  • Fixed theme not opening inside Subs. Updated theme for latest Snapchat & Kik


swift black substratum theme swift black substratum theme


File size: 19.58 MB
md5: aaf8fb471097550d04feebabe4520c99

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