Camera MX Pro 4.7.186 APK

camera mx pro

Camera MX

Camera MX Pro is an excellent photography app for Android.

MX is an excellent camera app that offers a lot more than just a camera. Its many features and tools make it an interesting alternative to whatever your default camera app might be.

In addition, it is a popular, complete solution camera app. Also can be used to create and edit photos and videos. Over 10 million downloads and users from over 100 countries says it all.
New: The innovative “Shoot The Past” mode allows you to easily capture difficult-to-photograph moments of moving motives (e.g. laughing babies, house pets, lightning). It lets you go back in time to just before the shot. Retroactively select and save what happened before the actual photo. Tons of effects (HDR, Lomo, mirror, kaleidoscope, auto optimization, overlays and textures).

Beacuse of optimization options (brightness, photo + video rotation, contrast, color temperature, aspect ratio) helps you create truly unique photos and videos. Cut videos right on your smartphone or tablet. Keep only the best parts and save storage space. MX also contains an excellent media manager which can be used to keep track of all your photos and videos, as well as move, delete and edit them. Online Album is a platform where you can save, archive, share and view all your images.


camera mx


File size: 24.4 MB
md5: 354a1acb9e73a3b6dea4652f39ef35a6

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