MiXplorer 6.31.4 APK



MiXplorer is a fast, smooth, beautiful and full-featured file manager with a simple user interface.
This app is completely free, no Ads and never gonna be a paid app
It supports Android 2.0+ (SDK 5)
I hope you will enjoy it.


The best way indeed is also to explore yourself. But here’s a brief list of essential features:
Easily themable with customization option which lets you select any color you like.
Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and Drag and Drop between panels also supported.
Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, … operations.
Different various View Modes and Sorting Options,  so each folder separately!
Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized.
Advanced search functions.
Export/Import all preferences, also bookmarks and customized skins.

Root access for all advanced operations.
User and System app management because of data backup ability for rooted devices.
EncFS volumes supported for all storages.
File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format.
FTP/HTTP Server built in.
MP3 Tag Editor.
Built-in Image Viewer (it supports GIF animation).
Built-in Media Player.
Powerful Text Editor.
SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV, BLUETOOTH supported as well.
And many more awesome features for you to explore!

What’s New?

  • Finally, added a new theme engine.
  • And some tiny fixes





File size: 2.11 MB
md5: 4f6e23f284578baf31f1e58d26c70b2d

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