Pushbullet Pro 18.2.20 APK

pushbullet pro apk

Pushbullet Pro

Pushbullet Pro is the productivity app that connects your phone and browser to keep you in regular contact easily throughout the day. The pro version is not very expensive and you will easily forget how much you will rely on this app the more you use it.

• Pushbullet lets you push files and links between your devices with as little as two clicks
• We are tightly integrated in over half a dozen platforms, making sharing easy regardless of what device you are using
• So fast you’ll get Pushbullet notifications on your computer before your phone even rings

• Pushing is not just for your devices, you can also easily send links and files to your friends
• Conveniently send and receive SMS messages from your computer
• Reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

• Pushbullet Pro mirrors your phone’s notifications to your computer, so you’ll never miss an important phone call or notification again
• Interact with your notifications, whether to take action or to dismiss them
• Use Channels to subscribe to timely notifications about things you care about

What’s New?

  • A few bug little fixes


pushbullet pro apk


File size: 4.3 MB
md5: f11c1f0239a9e7e3887169af2e218c94

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