AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro 8.3 APK

autoresponder for whatsapp

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro

AutoResponder for Whatsapp pro – Are you sometimes not next to your phone, but want to reply to WhatsApp™ messages? WA Auto Responder does this job for you. It will automatically respond to predefined messages, which contain some words or equal a message. You can set custom responses for different messages.
Also called “WA Chat Bot”.

“Does exactly what it says it does! Took me a minute to get it working properly, but was easy to find the issue in comments and fix it (the thing about it not working on certain muted devices)”

“Great autoresponder for whatsapp. Tested and worked. Even with trial version you can do so much with it. Now going for Pro version :)”


  •  Automatically replies to custom/all WhatsApp™ messages with predefined texts
  •  Responds if message equals or just contains some words
  •  Possibility to set contacts who will get responses for each message
  •  Possibility to answer all received messages (from all/from single contacts)
  •  Answer replacements like %time% for current time


  •  Add infinite responses for custom messages
  •  Add multiple responses (Send all or a random one)
  •  “Answer if message contains” option
  •  “Answer delay” option
  •  “Send Blue Ticks” option
  •  Ad-Free



File size: 0.77 MB
md5: f71a24c6d35d1535a16c4f812779ed94

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