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Fly GPS app is one of the best Android applications available for android phones or tablets to show fake locations. This fake location (GPS) generator app can be used to hide the original location of the user by generating a false location. This application is available for all the android users using marshmallow. The best feature of fly GPS is that it can be used on non-rooted devices too. That means you need root your android device or install any custom recovery.

This is a fake location setter app for Android. It is also a useful app for developers because they don’t have to move to new places to test their apps and games. This app is also used with certain games.

Pokemon Go is not officially available in all countries of the world. As a result by using this Android app we can play it from anywhere in the world without facing any issues. User had to move a lot while playing Pokemon Go, seems like now he doesn’t.

Finally, after using fake location generator app user need not move even a single step to experience the fantastic game play. Fake GPS app is spoofing the location of a player in the game that use a fake location. In conclusion, the app provides an on-screen joystick during the game play to move the player so that user can get almost complete GPS spoofing experience.

Tutorial: How to Use Fly GPS on Pokemon Go App

What’s New

Joystick mode active (movement mode).
Developer mode setting.
1. Cell info – Software info – Build number (7 clicks) – Developer mode activated.
2. Developer option – Allow mock location or mock location app selection (FlyGPS) – Use app.



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