Kernel Adiutor Mod APK

kernel adiutor

Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor – An application which manages kernel parameters.
First of all, it depends on your kernel which features you can use.

With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitor things like so:

  • CPU (Frequency, Governor)
  • I/O Scheduler
  • Another Kernel Samepage Merging
  • Low Memory Killer (Minfree settings)
  • Virtual Memory
  • Flash/Backup
  • Build prop Editor
  • Recovery (Flash, Wipe)
  • Init.d editor
  • Saving Profiles

and a lot more… (check it out, keep in mind that only supported things will appear on your phone!)

Finally, features which aren’t supported by your device won’t show up in the first place.

What’s New?

  • Fix bad performance on devices with another 4 cores
  • Various fixes because of crashes
  • Force english option so it works on newer android versions


  • Optimized graphics / also Zipalign
  • Languages: English, Russian
  • Google code removed. (because it was 2.7 MB)


kernel adiutor


File size: 4.85 MB
md5: 9ff08e42e38f25331802d9636d7b4639
Minimum Android Version: 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwitch)

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