KINGROOT One-Click Root 5.2.0 APK



KingRoot is an advanced Root tool for users that just want to get root access but don’t want to flash any third party tools. And also doesn’t require recovery into their device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China. So now we release English version here for everyone, totally free and without ads.
Something interesting will happen when you root your device by KingRoot. Because the most suitable Root strategy will be deployed from cloud. Finally, that is why we have higher success rate that some other tools. Specifically, root success rate will higher than 60% on supported device.

It’s important to know that it doesn’t work with all type devices. On Moto G, for instance, it usually has some trouble. With Nexus, though, it usually works perfectly.

KingRoot is an excellent way to root your Android device. That said, rooting a device is always a delicate process, so do it with care and be conscious of the risks involved.


  • Root unlocked




There is a newer version available. Tap here to go to the newest version.

File size: 10.02 MB
md5: c724a130358801aacdbcfb28a1e972e5

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