Printoid for Octoprint PRO 14.01 APK

Printoid for Octoprint

Control your 3D printer from mobile phone with Printoid. Printoid is a smart interface for your OctoPrint server on Android smartphones and tablets. Finally, make things on your 3D printers, it has never been as simple as now!

It does all the best to simplify the connection with your OctoPrint server, like these:
– Easy configuration panel
– The app chooses to use by itself the local or distant settings when needed
– Supports the SSL connection (HTTPS)
– Also the basic authentication
– Retrieves automatically your printer configuration (about heater bed, extruders)

Pro Features

  • Timelapse downloader & also configurator
  • Real time GCODE commands terminal
  • Send custom GCODE commands to your printer
  • Send custom SSH commands to your Raspberry PI
  • Direct access to your OctoPrint’s web interface Printoid
  • Screen locker for the best safety while printing
  • Different themes available (so let’s try the Black Edition!)

What’s New?

  • Integration of the Filament Spool Manager app as a module in Printoid
  • Brand new dashboard mode: Tabs! This is the facelift you were all waiting for!
  • Another switch between dashboard mode from the app’s settings
  • Finally, lock the app automatically after 30sec!
  • New feature: open your GCODE and STL with Printoid
  • Rework password screen look & feel
  • Fix streaming panel look & feel
  • Input dialog behavior
  • Fix time progress value that exceeds 100%
  • Replace the toggle buttons by switches


printoid printoid


File size: 36.43 MB
md5: c42b813b94cab88302466b2dd4200da8

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