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Uret Patcher

Uret Patcher is a premium Patching Tool Intended To Work Only On Those Apps It Is Suppose To Work,It Is Not A Universal Tool For All Apps.Though It Also Includes Universal Patch For Apps Which Checks License From Google Play Store,It Is Very Effective.

Though it also includes universal patch for Apps which checks License from Google Play Store, it is very effective.

What’s New?

  • Rewrote The Core Mechanism Of Patch Engine and also added Support For Patching On Android Oreo.
  • While Saving Selected Apps For Emulation, It Will Be Force Stop Immediately, No Need To Do It Manually.
  • Now You Can Disable Premium Mode Anytime, Navigation Menu > Donate > Disable/Enable Premium Mode.
  • Clear Search Item Automatically When Uninstalling The Filtered App In Universal Patch.
  • Rework Code And Dalvik Patch.
  •  Removed License Hook In Emulation, It Is Not Required So Use License Emulation Instead.
  • Added Find On Play Store Option In Universal Patch.
  • Major Optimizations Done In Patching Mechanism, Almost 15 Lines Work Is Now Of 1 Line, Better Speed Up.
  • Removed Patch Logging As It Is Time Consuming.
  • Done Major Changes Under the Hood Which Can Not Been Seen With Eyes, You Know What Major Means ? Hell A Lot.
  • Bugs Fixed.


uret patcher 3

uret patcher uret patcher


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