FlightHero Pro Flight Tracker 2.3.0 APK

FlightHero Pro Flight Tracker

FlightHero Pro has been positively mentioned by Forbes, WSJ, CNN.

These features let the app to be one of the best travel apps:
The largest coverage for the flights, airlines, aircrafts and the airports.

  • 1550 airlines: commercial, cargo, charters
  • 17000 airports around the world, including:
  • USA (5639)
  • Find closest airports to you within 140 miles (200 km)
  • Refreshes regualarly with the ability to cache data when there is no internet connection available
  • Advances sorting order
  • Advanced filters: airlines, statuses, arrival and departure information and time range for the most effective sky scanning
  • 3 days (72 hours) time interval for arrivals and departure

What’s New?

Bugs fixed.


flighthero pro


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