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Fruit Ninja Fight

First of all, with Fruit Ninja Fight you can challenge yourself and go head-to-head with players from all over the world, or practice your fruit slicing skills in Training mode. No matter how you want to play, start slicing today!

Over 1 BILLION people have sliced through the Fruit Ninja franchise. Are you ready to experience the next evolution of competitive fun?

Pick up your blade and start your fruit slicing adventure now!

If there’s one thing ninjas hate more than fruit, it’s other ninjas. Fruit Ninja Fight Mod is a fun and competitive multiplayer fruit slicing game that lets you slice your way to the top!

Arm yourself with devastating powerups to create your ultimate battle loadout and unlock legendary arenas where every moment counts. Slice, slash, then deliver the final strike!


  • Challenge friends and foes from around the world in 1v1 real-time matches
  • Achieve combos, critical hits and more to topple your opponents
  • Earn mystery boxes to discover powerups, avatars, coins and more
  • Shape your ultimate battle loadout with unique and upgradable powerups
  • Unlock multiple arenas and make your way to the top by mastering the addictive fruit slicing action

What’s New?

  • Fix for some players experiencing matches with incorrect powerups being used.
  • Huge UI update! Let us know what you think of the new menus.
  • Added a “Blitz” system. Slice lots of fruit in combos to start a blitz for extra points!
  • Powerup balance changes to suit the scoring changes.
  • Hardware back button support.


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File size: 86.26 MB
md5: b8e89e30172cdd9f6be3373b9df54990

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