The Floor Is Lava 1.4 APK

the floor is lava

The Floor Is Lava

“The most epic game in exsistence. Involves to or more people. The game is started by one person shouting that “The floor is lava!” After that, all people surrounding must find higher grounds (chairs, couches, pillows, younger siblings) to save themselves. If you touch the ground, you die. The game can be started anywhere, and is often fun to play in crowded places, such as the mall or the movie theater.”

The Floor is Lava!

Your goal is simple. Jump across your living room, but keep in mind that at any point in time… the floor can turn into hot lava! Use the hearts to your advantage and keep jumping as long as possible.

What’s New?

– New Powerup: Score Multiplier
– Progress Menu: track your progress and get to 100%
– Characters: collect all Rare and Epic characters


the floor is lava


File size: 36.62 MB
md5: d13783e0b79ed4641b080b9dfebecf3b

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