Root RemixOS 2.0 – How To

RemixOS 2.0 Rooting Guide

Remix OS is a modified version of Android that can run on practically any PC. It remixes Android into a desktop operating system, complete with applications running in windows, a Start menu, taskbar, desktop, and notification area.

This operating system was created by Jide Technology, a company formed by a trio of former Google employees. Last year, they showed off a Microsoft Surface Pro like device running Remix OS. Now, they’ve made Remix OS available to download, and you can run it yourself on practically any computer or virtual machine.

Remix OS is based on Android-x86, an unofficial open-source project that ports Android to run on standard PC hardware. Remix OS adds a windowing system, turning that operating system into something that you might actually want to run on a PC.


Requirements: Already Installed Remix OS

  1. Download Pre rooted System image from here
  2. Extract it, rename it from root.img to system.img
  3. Copy “system.img” to the directory where you have already Installed Remix OS
  4. Restart your Computer , Boot to Remix OS
  5. Find SuperSU and update it (Continue and then Select Normal and then Reboot ).

That’s all, now you have rooted RemixOS on your PC!


RemixOS Screenshots: