Super Mario Run on rooted devices: how-to

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Super Mario Run on rooted devices

Super Mario Run by Nintendo doesn’t work on rooted devices. Fortunately, here’s the fix, so you can instantly play this game on Android phone or tablet with root.

To run the app you need to hide your root:

1) Install the Magisk Manager app – it is available for free to download here:

Download Magisk Manager

2) Download and install the app.

3) Launch the Magisk App settings and grant root permissions.

4) Go to Install section and click on “Download and Install”, then wait for reboot prompt:

 magisk app installmagisk app reboot screenshot

5) Reboot your device.

6) Run Magisk again, go to Settings and activate “Magisk Hide” feature:

magisk hide screenshot

7) Finally, go to Magisk Hide settings and select “Super Mario Run”:

magisk hide option screenshot magisk super mario run

8) Play the game:

super mario run loading rootsuper mario run screenshot root

This simple trick hides information about root to the selected app. Now, you can run this game without any limits!

If you can’t download this game from Google Play Store, original installable APK file is available here:

Download Super Mario Run

Notice: This method also works with Pokemon Go.

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