How to Use Fly GPS Fake Location on Pokemon Go

First, download the newest version of Pokemon Go and Fly GPS version 4.0.2 or 5.0.5.

Root is NOT needed!

After installing the application, you need to follow some simple steps carefully to use Fly GPS or Fake GPS on Pokemon GO.
1. First and very important step is activating developer options. You can find developer options in your phone settings. If you can’t find it in settings, just search it in setting using the search option.
2. If you still can’t find developer options, just go to About phone on your device and tap on Build Number seven times.
3. It is now activated you are ready to use Fly GPS Pokemon go.

4. Before that, Go to developer options and tap on Mock Locations, You will see a pop up with Flygps option. Select the option and get back to your menu:


5. Launch Fake GPS App on your phone and point the red pin where you want to be located.
6. When you point the red pin, there will be an option “Please select the menu”. Just tap on it and you will get a pop up with some options.
7. Choose Joystick location mode (Pokemon) option from the available options.
Now you can run the game and move joystick to set a location you want.
That’s all. This is the best way spoof GPS in Pokemon Go app.
Finally, I hope you learned how to use Fly GPS as fake GPS in Pokemon Go. If you have any kind of problems with the application or installation steps, please let us know. we will help you with the solution. If you have done everything correctly, you can start playing Pokemon Go without root and any issues using a fake GPS location.


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